Bird Bath De-Icer for Wild Birds in Cold Winter Days

As winter approaches the northern states are experiencing a fall in temperatures. In fact even some states that lie in the south are having some cooler weather. As the temperature falls it becomes harder for birds to find water to drink. Sure the sun will be able to melt away some of the ice, however we all know that there is no assurance of that happening.

Many birds will make the trip down south in order to have access to the fresh water and food that they will need in order to survive. However, not all birds fly south. What is your role in all of this? You can help the ones that choose to remain by having a bird bath with a bird bath de-icer in your yard.

Farm Innovators Model C-50 Premium Cast Aluminum Birdbath De-Icer, 150-Watt
Farm Innovators Model C-50 Premium Cast Aluminum Birdbath De-Icer, 150-Watt
List Price: $39.99 | Sale Price: $35.45
Availability: Usually ships in 6-10 business days

Whenever winter comes around Mother Nature has devised a clever way for birds to survive. Birds are able to survive during the night on the stored energy gained from the foods that they consumed during the course of the day. However, because they have little or no body fat at all, they lack the ability to stock up energy reserves like mammals are able to do.

There is a particular bird called the Chickadees, whose weight is about 3/4 of an ounce, which is equal to the weight of three pennies in your palm. They have created a unique method of conserving energy. What happens is that at the end of the day when they go to roost they conserve energy by slowing down there metabolism. However, this inherited ability is not found in all birds.

You can make our backyard the perfect source of open water for the birds. It is often said that “you can attract more with open water in winter than you can with seeds alone”. There are also other ways to provide water as well. You could purchase a bath with built-in thermostatically controlled heaters. This is really convenient.

One could also choose to use bird bath heaters. It too is thermostatically controlled and works well when placed in an existing bird bath providing a large area of open water in sub-freezing temperatures.

On a final note you must remember that when using a bird bath heater, heated bird bath, or de-icer, bear in mind they all require electricity. This means that you will need an extension cord. Make certain to use only an outdoor approved extension cord and avoid excessively long cords as they may affect the function of the heater.

Bird Bath Cleaner – Keep Your Bird Paradise Clean

If you are looking for a great way to attract birds to your yard then getting a bird bath is one of the best investments to make. However, you can’t simply get the bird bath and just leave it there; you must be willing to maintain it. This means that you must clean the bath on a regular basis.

What is there to clean? Bird baths do get dirty as your lovely birds will leave you little gifts and feathers. In order to keep your little bird bath clean and looking like the lovely paradise that it is you must use a good quality bird bath cleaner. In fact a good bird bath cleaner will make bird bath cleaning easier than you think.

When considering cleaners for your bird bath you may want to think about how your visitors will be affected. The best kinds of cleaners for your feathered friends are ones that are non-toxic and natural. When you use these cleaners you will feel better knowing that your beloved birds are not being harmed by dangerous chemicals. Cleaning your bird bath with cleaning solutions is also great for breaking down organic waste because it contains beneficial enzymes.

Microbe Lift 32-Ounce Pond Bird Bath & Statuary Cleaner 10SBSC
Microbe Lift 32-Ounce Pond Bird Bath & Statuary Cleaner 10SBSC
List Price: $29.99 | Sale Price: $17.82
Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

Previously, in order to maintain their bird baths, owners would have to scrub and clean by hand to make sure that their bird paradise remained just that; a paradise. Now we have cleaners that will make our job of maintaining our bird bath much easier. Normally these cleaners will come in liquids or tablets and they are made to be biodegradable. This is done to make sure that no one is armed.

Like your home, your bird bath is no different and its maintenance cannot be ignored; even though it is outside. Why is this important? Consider this: if you owned a dog, would you want it to drink dirty, filthy water? I am sure that the answer to that question is an overwhelming NO. The same then should therefore go for the birds as they too do not want dirty water. Additionally having a dirty bird bath will leave you with a bad name and will drive your feathered friends away from your home.

Do not let a dirty bird bath be the reason why the birds don’t stop by to play and drink in your yard. By maintaining your bird bath paradise through bird bath cleaning you will be making your yard and inviting place for your feathered friends.